Do you know what ethically sourced means?

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Do you know what "ethically sourced" means? Have you ever considered the origins of a product you purchased? If you're reading this, chances are you have, at least occasionally checked the tag or label to determine the product's origin.

Sadly, many of our commonly used products come from factories with harsh working conditions. I understand that buying sustainable products for everyday life can be challenging.

At con intención, we take a different approach from the conventional. We proudly collaborate with artisans and ethically source each product. 



What does this mean?

  1. Each product is handmade in the artisan's home.
  2. Products are crafted in small batches.
  3. Artisans set their prices, and we encourage them to raise them.
  4. A percentage of the sales is given back to the artisans.




Often, artisans lower their prices without any request from the customer, fearing that if the product isn't cheap enough, they might lose a potential sale. We are committed to changing this reality and their mindset. Our goal is for each artisan to feel empowered, recognized, and valued, and to set their prices based on the quality and skill required for each product.



We strive for honesty and transparency. While you may find cheaper products elsewhere, consider this next time:

What is the true cost of this product…Is it really worth it?

Think about it, amiga.

In the meantime, explore our inventory of beautiful handcrafted products by clicking the link in our bio.

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  • Like your shirt informative newsletter, so many topics you can feature, such as “ethnically sourced”, great choice. I love the name of your business, orders 3 pillow cases ( appreciate that they came in cloth bags) and beautiful jarrito, a while back, they beautify my casita in New Mexico, gracias!

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