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I want to share with you how con intención came about. The process was a journey to say the least, but now it’s here to stay. I truly believe con intención was with me subconsciously but was not ready to come out until the timing was right, or as I like to call it divine timing. Artesanías (artisanal products) have always been an obsession of mine. I am constantly intrigued by who creates the product, the purpose it serves, where it originates from, and its cultural importance. I feel the best way to connect to a product is to honor where it comes from and the process in which it is created.

In 2015, I moved back to the US from México City. I felt lost with no sense of direction or purpose. I started gratitude walks and prayed daily for a sign from God to show me the “way”. I knew working the average job was not my purpose. One day I was browsing the web and saw a video of a fair trade business. At that very moment, I started to cry because I knew that was my calling…to work with artisans to help market their products on a global scale. I didn’t know how my idea was going to come to life, but I just got started. I focused on building relationships with artisans. Every trip to México had a purpose...make a connection with an artisan and tend with care so it can eventually blossom into a relationship. My intention was not to rush into a partnership to simply resell their products. Afraid and all, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to make connections that have led me to create solid relationships, which then led to coworking on creations. I wholeheartedly believe that a business built on trust and authenticity will thrive. Simultaneously, I started to volunteer at fair trade events to learn more about the field I aspired to be in. I wanted to make sure I went into this with a sense of direction.

how it started

During the early stages of my business venture, I wanted to sell rebozos (Mexican traditional shawls). The women in my family grew up weaving rebozos, so it made sense to me. As time passed, I realized I wanted to expand and be able to showcase many more talents. That led me to the products I now have and the products that will continue to unfold along this journey. Along with expanding, I need to find a name that would represent the artisans, my brand, my culture, and myself. Months passed and no name resonated with me until I went to a reiki session.

naming the business

During that session, I had to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths so I could relax, and funny enough, a name came to mind...con intención. I sat with that name for a few weeks and tried to explain its purpose to see if it would fit my mission. Truthfully, I did not need to force it to fit. It simply did. It belonged there all along. The English translation means “with intention”. I would consider myself a person driven by intentionality. The intentions behind what we do, say, and feel is immensely important to me. I want my brand/business to be driven by that same feeling...always be intentional about the direction and purpose. I found it appropriate to adopt the name and meaning of my business. I see con intención as ever-evolving, so I expect it to create new stories and meaning in the years to come.

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