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There is no middle man or additional point of contact when it comes to our sourcing process. This means that our products are sourced by us, directly from artisans. When we source products, the artisans set their own price. We do not barter. In fact, we encourage the artisans to raise their prices so that there is a bit more of a financial gain for them. Every amount matters. While they decline this in many cases, we are sure to give them a fair percentage back.  

Each product has a ripple effect. When you purchase from con intención, you help the artisans create a streamline of financial stability. Financial stability creates a wealth of opportunities, not only for the artisan directly, but for their family and overall community. This happens when money is circulating from the artisan to their family, and to their local economy. When this happens more opportunities start to emerge. These opportunities are often in the form of employment and new small businesses. For the artisans and their communities, these opportunities yield a sense of security, and freedom. This is IMMENSE! 

Alongside financial stability, we strive to help provide a work life balance for our artisan partners. 

Imagine this…

Doña Victoria works creating artisanal products, tends to her family, home, and community. To make ends meet, she takes a 4-hour bus ride to Morelia, Michoacán (the city where she has her vendor stand) every Friday. She sets up shop and stays until Sunday night. She commutes back to her home so her kids can go to school. At times, she may make sales, but other times, she may come short of breaking even. 

Most of us might complain about a 30-minute or 1-hour commute to work Monday through Friday.  Can you imagine having to commute 8 hours per week? This is definitely not easy. 

Now imagine this…

Having the ability to work from home, have weekends off, and save yourself not only 8 hours each week but money.

You’re essentially gaining a whole day back for your family, your home responsibilities, your business, but most importantly for yourself.

Work-life balance is achievable.

We strive to provide this option to our artisan partners. We want to help provide financial stability so they can work from home and decide how they want to spend their time. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide steady income, health insurance, and an emergency fund. 

With your help, this can be possible. 

With every purchase, you are not simply spending, but you are investing your money. You are investing in the well-being of the artisans. You are investing in their families. You are investing in their communities. 

Your money is spent well with us, and your money is used towards a greater mission. 

We trust our mission and believe we can reach our goals. 

You dollar is well-spent with us

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