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I want to talk about the flowers that bloom throughout the year in my hometown, in México. Some of my favorites are Primavera, Tepames, Parotas, and Hiedras. 

During the beginning of spring, you will see many trees with bright purple flowers. The tree is locally known as Primaveras, but in other parts of México they are known as Jacarandas. They blossom once a year for about two to three months. These trees are stunning. Once their flowers start to wilt, the ground is covered in purple petals.



Yondiro is a type of thorn tree that blossoms in the early spring as well. It is covered in sharp thorns that may not look pleasing, but once it starts to bloom, it's simply beautiful. Its flower looks like a small fluffy bright yellow bulb. Multiple flowers grow through each tree branch, turning a simple thorn tree into a beautiful lively tree. I absolutely love this tree, because the flowers are so vibrant and unique. 



In late spring, once the Primaveras and Tepame start losing their flowers, Parotas steal the show. They are big trees that bloom bright yellow flowers with no greenery. All you see is the tree covered in flowers. Once the flowers wilt, they will soon be covered in green leaves until next spring. The transition is absolutely stunning. 

During the rainy season, you can see many walls covered in what is known as Hiedras. They are vine plants that quickly spread over nearby surfaces. They bloom in bright pink and purple flowers. Once the rainy season stops, they slowly wilt until the following rainy season. 


Cabezonas are my fav! Once it starts to rain, they spread across the fields, covering them in a yellow blanket of flowers. Cabezona means hard-headed in Spanish lol. I guess they are so stubborn that they will pop up wherever they want haha–maybe they are my fav because I can relate to them hahah! 



At times I am in awe of the beautiful flowers that bloom each year, despite the dry heat. There’s always a tree or plant blooming making the landscape even more beautiful.   

Do you have a favorite flower? Let us know in the comment section below!

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