I'm Efigenia Guzmán

...but I go by Efi for short. I would describe myself as a culturally curious and free-spirited individual. I am obsessed with all things culture from language to social justice issues, especially when it comes to my own Mexican culture.

My Mexican roots have always been a big part of my identity and it has shaped my life in many ways. Growing up, I would spend my summer breaks in México, playing in the barranca (shallow gully), hiking up mountains, and going to the chicken coop to grab some fresh eggs for el almuerzo (brunch). 

Throughout my time in México, I would encounter many artisans selling a variety of unique and traditional pieces. I would be fascinated by all the artisanal products but would feel saddened that despite all the hard work that would go into each product, they would double down on its worth to make a sale and make ends meet. 

This consciously and unconsciously was always on my mind. I would find myself asking how can artisans have a viable solution to this discrepancy. I would leave that question unanswered because I did not know the solution at the time. 

My cultural curiosity led me to graduate with a bachelor's in international studies and a double minor in Latin American studies and Spanish. I was not sure where that would lead me as I was unable to pinpoint what I wanted to do. As time progressed, I found myself working at different jobs and always feeling uneasy. That feeling followed me everywhere, yet, I knew there was something more in store for my life.  My journey on self-purpose began and after years of exploration and self-doubt, I received clarity from God that eventually led to the creation of con intención. It is a social enterprise that gives artisans an outlet to a larger market and a reassurance that their art is precious and can be marketed at a fair price. 

My first-hand knowledge and experience of Mexican culture have educated me on the varieties of cultures within México (contrary to popular belief, México is not homogeneous). This education and intentionality are an undeniably valuable tool that has allowed me to create relationships with artisans to bring forth their products and showcase them with honor. My familiarity and cultural roots in México enable me to continue to explore and educate myself on the depths of the culture, which in return is reflected in con intención. To be intentional you must first be willing to be teachable of the customs and cultures around you. 

con intención, te doy la bienvenida
(with intention, I welcome you)

I am excited to cultivate a space for you to appreciate a little piece of México. 

¡Saludos y hasta pronto!

Meet the artisan

It is important that we acknowledge the artisans while celebrating their cultural techniques and traditions.


con intencion's mission is to create a sustainable path for artisans and the global market to effectively and creatively collaborate.