Atardecer Long Candle

Atardecer Long Candle

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Crafted by Ramon Ramirez in Salvatierra, Guanajuato, México.

Approximately 11.5” L x 4” W x 12" DIA

Made out of beeswax and paraffin.

Sold separately.

Spot clean only

We strive to ensure the best quality is given to our customers. We inspect each item for any damage before shipment. 

Minor character flaws should be expected as all items are handmade. 

Slight variations in size, color, and design may occur.

How are you making a difference with your purchase?  

Many of our artisans live in the countryside of México so finding economic stability can be challenging due to the lack of safety, infrastructure, employment, education, and other factors. Although the communities have so much to offer, talents are severely overlooked. At con intención, we proudly partner with artisan women who are forced to travel in order to sell their goods, often bringing their entire family, without any financial guarantee.

con intención works directly with these women to ensure they may continue working from the comfort of their home, avoid the challenges and uncertainty of long-distance travel, and provide a means to steady income. Every purchase you make directly contributes to the livelihood and well-being of these skilled artisans and their communities.

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