Resilient Collection

At con intención, we are committed to providing quality products, which is why we're excited to present the Resilient Collection – products that bear slight imperfections due to transportation, shipment, and storage, but embody artisan craftsmanship.

This collection embraces the journey of every piece from the hands of our skilled artisans to your home. Rather than discarding them and being wasteful, we've chosen to be intentional by offering them to you at a special discounted rate.

What to expect from the Resilient Collection:

  1. Imperfectly Perfect: The minor flaws, often barely noticeable, add a unique character to each piece, making them a story of their own.
  2. Mindful Sustainability: By choosing a piece from the Resilient Collection, you're contributing to a more mindful approach to consumption. You're embracing the value of sustainability and actively participating in our mission to reduce waste.
  3. Unbeatable Value: While these items might have minor blemishes, their quality and charm remain intact. The discounted prices ensure that you can enjoy the excellence of artisanal craftsmanship without compromising your budget.

 Discover the beauty in imperfection today and shop the Resilient Collection!